About Percipio

We create information driven digital products for the UK Education Technology sector, providing development, UX & information design to Governments, leading organisations & charities.

We are currently available for new projects, contact us via email or telephone.


Education Endowment Foundation

An expansive online web application built around the world famous Teaching & Learning Toolkit. A searchable database of every school in England and a RESTful API help to connect evidence based teaching methods with a global audience. The EEF are part of the UK Government What Works Network.

Official Site · Teaching & Learning Toolkit


The Sutton Trust / The Times

An interactive social mobility web app built for The Sutton Trust website and ported to the excellent web & mobile application by The Times.

Sutton Trust Web App · The Times App


Project Oracle

Emerging from a project at the Greater London Authority, Project Oracle Evidence Hub is a London charity setup to guide project providers through the Standards of Evidence. The web app is a fully fledged evidence submission and validation portal.

Official Site


King's College London

An internal study abroad & internships web app for Kings' staff, students and external hosts to manage placements.

Telephone: 0208 1444 048


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