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About us

We are a team of strategists, developers & designers driven by passion, innovation and a strong collaboration between our team, our clients and our product users.


Percipio was first formed back at the tail end of 2010 when Jamie saw an opportunity to develop more extensible platforms and software frameworks for organisations needing greater control over their content. A 100% remote company, Percipio set about hiring staff for their passion and their skills, not their physical proximity to an office.

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Today, we’ve expanded our web application service offerings to additionally include API development along with the latest web technologies and assisted products for government initiatives, international organisations and early-stage startups. We create industry leading digital products and experiences that are fully supported in-house by our dedicated team spread across 3 time zones throughout the UK and Europe.

Percipio defines the way we work – a passion for learning, knowledge and understanding is at the core of our company ethos.

Do good

Do great work, your best effort. Take pride in the quality of the results you can produce. Love that you can turn complex ideas into a tangible, physical form. Expect the same excellence from each other, coworkers and clients alike.

Be kind

Treat co-workers, clients, family and friends with kindness and compassion. Respect, integrity, and loyalty are the cornerstones of our culture – business is personal.

Keep learning

Never stop learning and striving to understand more. Learn from each other, share your knowledge and teach others what you know. Knowledge is the friend that empowers you to do better.


Push the envelope, break the box. Solve problems instead of looking for solutions, take risks, play with new ideas, dream bigger. Be the maker of what comes next.

Be passionate

Be passionate, love what you do and see the passion in others. People see you in your work, so don’t simply settle for what is good enough. You’re better than that.

Have fun

Be fun, have fun. Make nerdy jokes laugh out loud – for reals. Take work seriously, but try not to take yourself too seriously. Enthusiasm and joy form the fabric of a great life.

We forge long-term relationships to unlock digital possibilities for your organisation.

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Building applications for better futures.


Unit 122, 372 Old Street

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