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Percipio are committed to becoming a carbon neutral organisation.

At Percipio we always want to use our business as a force for good; we want to reduce our negative environmental impact on a permanent basis – today we start on that journey. 

Climate change is one of many environmental issues making global headlines as their impact on our daily lives becomes more apparent. Before the record breaking heat we experienced here in the UK this summer, we had already decided to ensure that as a company we aren’t contributing to climate change.

What is carbon neutrality?

Carbon neutrality means cutting our emissions to the very limit and compensating for what can’t be eliminated. This means adjusting our practices to use more energy efficient hardware, or switching to renewable resources. However as a responsible company our research into our carbon footprint quickly discovered that we’ve already achieved these base emission restriction goals. 

For example; we opt for train over plane when commuting between countries and always opt for video conferences to co-work from our own homes; we all use energy efficient computer hardware, lighting solutions and other technology; we all recycle and reduce our waste… however, we still remain a tech company so we absolutely consume power on a day-to-day basis. 

Not satisfied with this result, Brad set out on a detailed discovery so see how we could achieve carbon neutrality and even perhaps become carbon negative over the coming years.

Our environmental impact

Percipio Environmental Impact

Carbon offsetting

As we’d already reduced the amount of carbon dioxide we’re responsible for releasing into the Earth’s atmosphere as much as we can, in order to achieve carbon neutrality status we must utilise carbon-offsetting. 

Offsetting’ involves permanently removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, usually through creating or restoring habitats which absorb emissions, or through reducing the rate of emissions from degraded landscapes.

This means by planting trees, we are – in time – removing the carbon we are generating in the atmosphere. 

Our pledge

Today, we pledge to plant 3,150 trees that will offset the carbon footprint for each and every employee of, and will continue to do so all future employees that join our growing team. 

We can continue on our path of using our business as a force for good without impacting the environment which makes us feel pretty happy with ourselves.

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