Blog Food bank advent 2022

Team Percipio takes part in a food bank advent’ to help their local communities.

Why we did it 

Each year the Percipio team like to support a charitable cause. Christmas 2022 we wanted to focus on the UK’s food poverty crisis. We like to address what is the now, and the reality is that people are struggling to afford food, and other basic household items, due to the cost of living crisis.

This infographic shows the great impact of the rise of the cost of living in the UK and how it’s putting pressure on food banks and those who use them.

Percipio 4 3 Food Banks Infographic

What we did 

We created a food bank advent calendar; we allocated an item to each day in December leading up to Christmas. Once all the items on the list had been collected/​bought we then donated them to our local food banks. 

How you can help 

Foodbank graphic for blog

We really enjoyed giving back to the community and we’re looking forward to what we can do in 2023.