Percipio.London: Keeping a remote team social during the pandemic

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Keeping a remote team social during the pandemic

As a fully remote company, we have had to think outside the box to encourage team building for many years.

Take us back to 2019, and our team socials looked very different. Co-working days in London, good company over dinner and drinks, escape rooms, and activities on our doorstep. Oh, those were the days!

We have been working remotely for almost a decade, but the pandemic is altogether redefining the way businesses communicate socially. 

Fast forward to 2021, and it’s a sad reality that we have not been in each others company for over a year – several staff have yet to ever meet in person. However, we have not allowed the pandemic to stop us. It has taught us to adapt and focus on what is vital to our employees – which was to have something to look forward too.

Soon into the first lockdown we upped the ante and introduced two voluntary team socials a month, these socials give all our team time to switch off and – more importantly – time to have fun! We have taken part in quizzes, virtual escape rooms, zoom drinks with ice breakers and game shows. Whilst there will always be some preparation involved the overall effect these sessions have on the team means they are worthwhile. 

Take a look at some of our team socials:

Team Social 1
Team Social 2
Team Social 3
Team Social 4
Percipio team socials 2020 / 2021

As the months have passed, these socials have become our new norm. They have allowed us all to develop our team spirit and be more comfortable in front of the camera. The pandemic has hit hard, but we have remained strong and determined by keeping our team social and collaborative.

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