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Our team illustrations

The illustrations originally only started as a mini-project, a little something that would be used for a nice Christmas company gift. Each team member’s illustration was to feature on a mug and sent to its real-life counterpart, accompanied by a hamper of Christmassy goodness.

It was an incredibly fun project to be involved with especially as I was new to the team, so I was still getting to know everyone, but also equally terrifying as I didn’t want to offend anyone in my first couple of months at the company.

When drawing the team initially I had everyone in brand coloured t‑shirts to showcase the company but it didn’t bring any personality out of the characters. Instead, I started taking notes of what people were wearing on our video meetings (out loud that sounds a bit weird), but it worked out quite nicely because what someone is wearing is the first real insight into their personality. Specifically honing in on t‑shirts and jumpers that were worn frequently or the way someone styled their hair. After a few tweaks and wardrobe changes, they were ready. 

The real success was seeing people’s reactions to their illustrations. At our (zoom) Christmas party, we all unpacked our hampers and people were pulling out their mugs. We all started holding them up to the camera next to our faces, each illustration really did look like the team member.

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Real Life vs Illustration

With a new website on the horizon and a surge in our social media presence, we used the illustrations to help with getting our brand’s personality out there. They started on our company slack channel and evolved from there, you’ll now find them roaming across all of Percipio’s platforms.

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Meet the team

Naturally, the illustrations migrated to our website to sit alongside our bios, likes and aspirations offering an insight to us as individuals and us as a team. Seeing them all lined up together on our meet the team page is immensely satisfying.

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