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Percipio.Londonteam member: Roxanne Plastow

Graphic Designer

Roxanne Plastow

Location: Manchester (UK)
Graphic DesignIllustrations

I love all things bright and bold! I’m not someone who shies away from colour and self-expression – if we’re meeting on a Zoom call, I’ll be with one with the most colourful backdrop.

In my personal work I create designs that make people feel good. I have a passion for raising awareness and ending stigma around mental health and personal healing, so I find a great deal of value in being able to design for change.

Before starting at Percipio, I freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator creating works of art using a plethora of different mediums – from paintings to short art films to sculptures to digital illustrations. If its creative, i’ll give it a go.

Fun Fact

Embarrassingly, I was 25 years old when I found out it was ‘chest of drawers’ and not ‘Chester Drawers’ - I blame the Manchester accent.


I love reading, especially fiction romance books. I also love spicy food and am that person that will order the hottest dish on the menu. Spice level 10?! Sign me up!

Top 3 books
  1. The flatshare - Beth O'leary
  2. Ugly love - Colleen Hoover
  3. Normal people - Sally Rooney
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Mental health awareness week

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