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A nationally distributed, 15-part print series of clear and actionable recommendations for teachers.

The Education Endowment Foundation is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. Part of the way towards accomplishing this aim is by summarising the best available evidence in plain language for busy, time poor teachers.

Over the past few years we have been working with the EEF’s analysts and content authors to create a series of nationally distributed ~40 page, graphic heavy Guidance Reports on a range of high-priority issues based such as on the best available evidence.

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One of the biggest hurdles with journals, systematic reviews and meta-analyses is that they tend to have accessibility issues purely because of the academic language in which they are written. 

Working directly with EEF’s content authors, we work to interpret the provided information and start creating accompanying graphics, diagrams, charts and visualisations. Everything designed and created here at Percipio and designed specifically to engage a wider audience with evidence based practices in the classroom. 

Typesetting content into an organised layout follows and a ~40 page report is created, breaking down hundreds of studies into an easy to read summary anyone can understand.

To date, Percipio has produced and distributed ~300,000 copies of guidance reports to schools across the UK

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Over 350,000 guidance reports are download per year – that’s almost ~1000 downloads every day.

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The good folks at the EEF make the entire series of Guidance Reports available as free to download their website, and additionally ensures selected issues are posted to every single primary and secondary school in the country. 

Percipio offer a full end-to-end service in this respect, managing the entire production cycle — from the report production and custom graphics, to the print management and full distribution logistics. Additionally, we store copies and ensure there is both physical stock available and a distribution network in place for the Research Schools Network to receive copies for training events.

Follow along on Twitter if you want to know when more reports are lauched. 

I’ve worked with Percipio on graphic design and animation projects for over four years, and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The team are responsive, flexible and reliable, and their attention to detail is second to none. They’re genuinely a pleasure to work with.

Adil Morrison, EEF

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