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percipio.london: Harding Hub

A financial portal that allows employees to pick and choose from a wealth of employee benefits.

Harding Financial are one of the most innovative financial companies in UK, always pushing the boundaries of technology in a sector that is renowned for is antiquated backbone. When we were approached to create a SaaS platform for their newly formed Harding Hub platform it was a challenge we just couldn’t walk away from.

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About the project

Harding Hub will become a rich, highly flexible platform allowing Harding Financial to deliver the perfect employee benefits solution to both small and large organisations.

Whilst the finer details of the project are still under wraps, the portal will serve to educate employees about their personal rewards statement and allow individual companies and employees full control over their available employment package. 

Keep an eye on our twitter feed for launch notifications. 

Launching September 2022

Harding Hub launches later this year

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