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Fewer exclusions. Better alternative provision

Percipio are commissioned to produce IntegratED’s state of the nation Annual Reports. These report into school exclusion and alternative provision, bringing together all the available data, research, and policy from this historically overlooked cohort.

The IntegratED partnership exists to reduce preventable school exclusions and improve the quality of education for children excluded from school.

Every year around 8,000 children are permanently excluded from school and an even greater number are moved into alternative provision (AP) through other routes.

IntegrateED asked us to produce their inaugural IntegratED Annual Report 2021, a state of the nation report into school exclusion and alternative provision that would bring together all the available data, research, and policy from a historically overlooked cohort.

The Brief

The brief was simple; to create a bespoke report for what was their first Annual report on school exclusions and alternate provision. 

However, at the time the intregratED brand was new with only a basic visual language to draw from. This meant that we were additionally tasked with implementing and translating the brand into what would be the start of a new medium, building and extending it so that it could work across both print and digital copies of all future reports.

We have now created a re-usable template for all future IntegratED reports which allows us to produce subsequent reports more efficiently and cost effectively. 

CSJ Intergrated 2021 Page 1
CSJ Intergrated 2021 Page 15
CSJ Intergrated 2021 Page 19
CSJ Intergrated 2020 Page 62

Data visualisation

These ~80 page reports land on the desks of every MP in the country, it’s more important than ever that information is conveyed not only rapidly, but also accurately 

As with many editorial pieces, publications such as the IntegratED state of the nation reports contain a lot of factual data – it is our job to bring this data to life in the form of infographics, illustrations and various pull-outs. 

Without data visualisation, it is challenging to identify the correlations between the relationship of independent variables. By making sense of those independent variables, we can make better business decisions. 

The human brain is not well equipped to devour so much raw, unorganised information and turn it into something usable and understandable. 

By using graphics, illustrations, charts and graphs to communicate data findings users can better identify patterns and trends and more easily gain insight and make better decisions faster.

CSJ Intergrated 2020 Page 41
CSJ Intergrated 2020 Page 24
CSJ Intergrated 2020 Page 37
CSJ Intergrated 2021 Page 78
CSJ Intergrated 2021 Page 22

Social media

Imagery in social media generally leads to a ~31% increase in click through conversion rate; if you to give your product the best chance in the saturated world of social media, use imagery in your posts.

With this in mind (and with all the publications we produce), alongside the reports themselves, we work with the press teams to create graphics and to communicate important messages though social media. This means timed releases of important key facts can be pushed out to public channels using on-brand imagery. 

AR 2021 Socials 0 2 4 AP Schools
AR 2021 Socials 0 2 3 Key Facts
AR 2021 Socials 0 2 2 M Ps
AR 2021 Socials 0 2 1 Report

We are at the beginning of our long-term relationship with the Centre for Social Justice and IntegratED and we’re thoroughly looking forward to continuing to design and produce their publications. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Percipio. The team worked tirelessly throughout – not just to deliver an outstanding product but also with questions, edits, revisions and external requests. We could not be more thrilled with their work and we look forward to working with them again for next year’s report!

Centre for Social Justice

IntegratED Annual Report 2021

Want to find out more? Read the 2021 report here. 

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